Patient Centered Medical Home

January 17th, 2010


In June of 2009 Troy Family Practice, PLLC became one of 11 practices affiliated with Beaumont Hospitals to be designated a “Patient Centered Medical Home” by BCBS of MI.   Many patients have asked what is this, what does it mean for me and what do I need to do.  I am hoping  that the following information taken from an article in MD News published in November 2009 will help answer these questions.

Patient Center Medical Home is a concept that started in the 1960’s as a model for primary care practices.  It was originally intended for patients with chronic health conditions, especially diabetes.  In the past 4-5 years, the concept has been adopted and expanded by the professional societies for pediatrics, family practice and general internal  medicines.

The PCMH is an approach that provides comprehensive care for patients through their primary care physician.  The PCP coordinates the patient’s health status, manages chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma, tracks all medications, can provide expanded office hours, and generally supervises the patients medical care.  One of the goals of the PCMH is to keep patients healthy and reduce the risk of complications through proactive and preventative health care management.   Another goal of PCMH is to provide cost-effective health care.     It is believed that if every American used a primary care physician as their usual source of care, health care cost would decline by an estimated $67 billion per year nationwide.

In the PCMH model,  patients with chronic conditions who are not seen on regularly can be contacted on a scheduled basis to schedule their appointments.  Providers utilize electronic prescribing and have better communication with specialty offices that their patients see.   Part of the model also includes a patient-provider agreement in which the physician works with the patient to establish the  patient’s own goal for improving his or hers health by helping the patient set self-management goals.

By no means does PCMH apply to only those patients with chronic conditions.  By patients taking a more proactive  role in their health and healthcare decisions, the patient feels that they have a health care working for them.

We at Troy Family Practice, PLLC are pleased that we were designated a PCMH office in June and feel that many of the goals set forth by  PCMH are what our providers approach to patient care and that of the staff  have been for the past 8 years.   It is truely a team approach which our  patietns will benefit from.

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